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The Texarkana Arkansas School District (TASD) is a U.S. school district serving Texarkana, Arkansas. It is district No. 7, and is part of Miller County, Arkansas. TASD7 established itself as a magnet school system in 2005 at the elementary and middle school levels and later expanded its magnet school program to include North Heights Jr. High and Arkansas High School in 2006.

Arkansas High School had the "original" Razorback mascot before the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. The University of Arkansas student body voted to change the name of the school mascot (originally the Cardinals) in 1910 to the Arkansas Razorbacks. Since the Razorback name was already in use by the Texarkana Arkansas High School Razorbacks, the University agreed to 'use' the Razorback logo as their mascot; In turn, giving Arkansas High School used athletic equipment from the university - a practice that no longer exists.

We need YOUR help because . . “Every Minute Matters! From start to finish, class time counts.” Being tardy not only impacts the student who is late, but it impacts others in the class. Research shows that every disruption causes a gap in learning for ALL students in the class and can make the difference between a student passing a subject or having to remediate. The Every Minute Matters video features CHAD students and staff and was produced by Razorback TV.



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School Starts - August 14th
TASD Middle School Ground Breaking - August 16th