Biley- Olatunji Named TASD Teacher of the Year

Mrs. Brigette Biley-Olatunji was recently named the Texarkana Arkansas School District Teacher of the Year. “Mrs. Biley-Olatunji is a dedicated teacher who strives to bring new methods of learning to her students,” commented Superintendent Kesler. “Not only does she work to help students, she serves as a leader to her colleagues in the mathematics department.”

Biley-Olatunji completed her Bachelor of Science degree at Southern Arkansas University and her Master of Science degree at the University of Arkansas – Little Rock. She recently completed the required coursework for her doctoral degree at Texas A&M University – Texarkana and is writing a qualitative dissertation to determine if there is a relation between college students' adverse childhood experience (ACE) scores and academic attainment.  

In May 2013, Biley-Olatunji was hired as an Academic Manager/Disability Coordinator at Little Rock Job Corps Center where she was responsible for ensuring all academic curricula, procedures, and processes complied with the United States Department of Labor’s standards. After 7 years of employment with the Army National Guard’s GEDPlus Program at Camp Robinson as a math teacher and training analyst, Biley-Olatunji had the unique opportunity to gain international experience where she taught mathematics in Folkestone, England and tutored students for preparation for their mathematics A-Level examinations. 

Biley-Olatunji joined the Texarkana Arkansas School District in 2017 and currently teaches mathematics at Arkansas High School. “Winning district teacher of the year is the culmination of lifelong learning and a dream fulfilled. It is an honor to represent TASD, commented Biley-Olatunji.”

Biley-Olatunji is married to Gbenga Olatunji. Her favorite pastimes are reading, traveling the world, and being a lifelong learner.