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The coronavirus pandemic has taken a toll on many of our students and their families. Despite offering multiple learning pathways, students and families across the state of Arkansas and the country continue to struggle with finding the balance of dealing with the safety and welfare of the children and engaging in schoolwork. The impact of the pandemic has resulted in many students falling behind.

The Texarkana Arkansas School District is partnering with the Arkansas Department of Education’s Engage Arkansas initiative. Engage Arkansas will assist TASD in supporting students and families who disengaged during this challenging time and help build connections to improve student attendance, engagement, and academic success. “Partnering with the Arkansas Department of Education’s Engage Arkansas initiative is a win/win for our district as well as our students,” commented Superintendent Dr. Kesler. “Through Engage Arkansas, students benefit from additional resources like academic coaches, counselors, and access to telehealth at no cost to families or the district.”

Representatives from Graduation Alliance are also collaborating with the Engage Arkansas initiative to help school districts contact and reconnect students. Students who have not reported to class (face-to-face or virtually), who struggle with attendance, or who are in danger of failing their classes may receive a phone call, e-mail, or text from an Engage Arkansas representative. Students who choose to participate in Engage Arkansas will get an academic coach to work with them to answer questions and develop a plan to get on track and finish the school year strong.

To get started, parents and students must complete the sign-up form at or call (501) 916-4975.

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