Virtual Wednesdays Announcement

As we planned for the 2020-21 school year, the Texarkana Arkansas School District faced many challenges that we had never experienced. One of the Texarkana Arkansas School District Reopening Plan goals was to provide learning options that followed the guidance and mandates established by the Arkansas Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, as well as, address the needs of our staff, students, and parents as our country dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. The Reopening Plan focused on offering three learning pathways with our commitment to safety, equity, communication, adaptability, and readiness.

After nine weeks of school, we realize our students and staff need additional support. As a result, we must adapt to the current need and make the necessary changes to support teaching and learning in an effort to ensure success. Effective November 4, the Texarkana Arkansas School District will move to four (4) days of onsite instruction with a weekly virtual day on Wednesdays for our students enrolled in the traditional learning pathway. Students enrolled in the hybrid or virtual learning pathway will maintain their same weekly schedule.

Texarkana Arkansas School District believes this change will provide teachers the time needed to serve all of our students in the traditional, hybrid, and virtual pathways equitably. On virtual days while students are learning remotely, teachers will remain on campus and use the time to prepare/create academic materials and presentations, increase frequency of student and family contacts, and prepare increased opportunities for student engagement.

Virtual Wednesdays at a Glance – Beginning November 4, 2020:*

  • All students from all learning pathways may participate in off-campus learning on Virtual Wednesdays - students will return to their regular learning pathways after Wednesday.
  • Students who attend school on Virtual Wednesdays may use the time onsite to complete missing assignments.** No new learning will take place on Virtual Wednesdays.
  • Students will continue to access lessons through Google Classroom.
  • Meals will be provided on each campus.
  • Buses will run regular routes and times

*   Students in the ABC program do not participate in Virtual Wednesdays.

      ** All students will be allowed to complete missing assignments from the first nine week. Virtual Wednesdays may be used to complete missing assignments.