AHS Students Advance to National Educators Rising Competition

Nine students from Arkansas High School (AHS) are gearing up to represent their school and the state of Arkansas at the National Educators Rise competition in Washington, D.C. This outstanding achievement marks the second consecutive year that AHS students have secured spots in the national competition.

Educators Rising is a transformative program that nurtures the next generation of highly skilled professional educators, instilling a sense of service and community engagement in high school students. By providing a structured pathway from high school onwards, Educators Rising empowers districts to cultivate their own pool of talented educators through a "grow your own" initiative. Additionally, the program prioritizes teacher diversity, equipping students with tools and resources tailored to address the needs of diverse student populations and encouraging exploration of teaching as a profession among a broader spectrum of students.

"I am so overwhelmingly proud of our students and what all they have accomplished so far this year, but we are not done yet! Now comes the hard part," McLelland remarked, highlighting the ongoing dedication and perseverance required as the students prepare to compete at the national level. The AHS students will embark on their journey to Washington, D.C., on June 28th, ready to showcase their skills and passion for education on a national platform.

Pictured: Front row, left to right: Kiara Wyatt, Ti'Niyah Evans, Alicia Robinson, Zoey Dycus, Sofia Labrada Back row, right to left: Mikel Watson, Mark Herrington, Baylor McLelland, Kendra Jones

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