Q: My student has signs and symptoms this morning, should I call the POC?

A: No, only call the POC if your student receives a positive test

Q: My student was sent home from school due to showing signs and symptoms of COVID-19, do I have to get him/her tested?

A. No, we cannot require you to test your child, but we do encourage you to get your student tested if they show signs or symptoms. Please understand, your child will not be allowed to attend school if they continue to show signs and symptoms.

Q: Where can I get my child tested?


Q: My student tested positive for COVID-19, what should I do now?

A: Please call our district POC, Carol Miller, at 870-703-2619 to report the positive case. During the call, please answer all questions asked in order to help identify Probable Close Contacts.

Q: My student was tested, but we don’t have results yet, what should I do?

A: Please do not send your student to school if he/she has taken a test and you are awaiting results.

Q: My student had symptoms of COVID-19 but tested negative, can he/she go to school now?

A: Students who tested negative may return to school if:

1) They do not have an order to quarantine or isolate

2) They are free of signs and symptoms of COVID-19

3) They have signs or symptoms but are fever free for 48 hours

Q. My student tested positive for COVID-19, do I have to provide a negative test for my student to come back to school?

A: No, if the quarantine period is complete and the student is symptom-free, they may return to school by bringing the required ADH documentation.

Q. Who will call me if my student has to quarantine due to being determined a Probable Close Contact at school?

A: Parents will be notified by either the district POC, a school nurse, or a building administrator.

Q: The district POC contacted me. Will I also be contacted by an ADH Contact Tracer?

A: Yes. All PCCs will be contacted by an Arkansas Department of Health Contact Tracer. Contact tracing is a critical tool in the fight against COVID-19. If you get a call from 877-272-6819 or 833-283-2019, be sure and pick up the phone, because you may have been exposed to COVID-19.

Q: What documentation do I need to send to school after my child’s quarantine period is over?

A: A letter or email from the Arkansas Department of Health releasing from quarantine or isolation. If you do not receive any documentation you may email:

Q: Will I be notified if someone in my child’s school tests positive for COVID-19?

A: Only those students and staff that are determined to be a Probable Close Contact will be notified and ordered to quarantine. Others who were not identified as a PCC may be contacted as long as the privacy of student/staff health information can be protected.

Q. My student was quarantined, will he/she be counted absent?

A: Yes, they will be marked absent initially, but it will be changed to “quarantine” when the school receives the required ADH documentation.

Q. Can my child work from home if he/she is quarantined?

A: Yes, and we hope he/she will. Please email your student’s teacher(s) for specific information.

Q: My child was around someone who was named a Probable Close Contact. Does that make my child a Secondary Contact?

A: Unless your child shows symptoms of COVID-19, or you receive a call and email from a district representative, you should continue with your normal routine.

Q: If someone in my household has a confirmed case of COVID-19 should I contact the school?

A: Yes, please call the district POC, Carol Miller, at 870-703-2619 or email him at