Grades 7-12 Virtual and Hybrid/Blended Expectations

Texarkana Arkansas School District  is committed to providing a safe and comprehensive educational experience for all students. All students will be held accountable for completing the required coursework with a passing grade as outlined in the district policy.  

Virtual learning means that the student will complete all coursework online as assigned by a classroom teacher. Virtual students will have the opportunity to schedule appointments with their teachers via Google Classroom. A successful virtual student should be motivated and disciplined enough to manage coursework independently.  Students are expected to login to Google Classroom daily.  Students will review all content videos, complete and turn in all assignments for each course, and complete the daily question for each course.  

Hybrid/Blended learning provides students with 2 days of face-to-face instruction and 3 days of virtual coursework assigned by their classroom teacher. In this option, students will attend 2 days traditionally either - Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday -no modification will be made to face to face attendance days- and 3 days virtually. Students will use Google Classroom to access and complete coursework during virtual days.


While completing coursework at home, virtual learners should expect to:

  • Complete an average of 4 hours of study/coursework per day.

  • Complete a daily question for content that is uploaded daily. The question will be used to record daily attendance and should be completed by the time designated on your student’s campus.

  • There will be a minimum of 2 graded assignments per course each week uploaded to Google Classroom, and they must be completed by the scheduled due date.

  • Students will be given the opportunity to improve their grade by retaking an assessment.  


Student attendance will be determined by the student completing the daily question of the day. To fulfill state reporting requirements, a virtual parent meeting will be scheduled at the 5th absence per semester.   The school will report attendance after 10 days of unexcused absences, per semester, as outlined in the TASD 2020-21 Parent/Student Handbook.

Collective Commitments

The School Commits to providing students with

  • appropriate, adequate, and challenging academic offerings

  • teachers who will communicate with students weekly

  • academic, social, and emotional counseling as needed

  • administrative support and encouragement

The Student commits to

  • Completing coursework daily for scheduled courses

  • Fulfilling attendance requirements as lined out above

  • Communicating with their teacher(s) weekly via (email, scheduled Zooms meetings, and/or Google Meet)

  • Communicating needs with appropriate school personnel

Families Commit to

  • Communicating with student’s teachers and school personnel on a frequent basis, including updating communication information- phone numbers/ email addresses/ physical addresses- when needed

  • Encouraging their student to complete coursework

  • Encouraging students to ask questions of their teachers when they do not understand a concept or skill in a unit/ lesson

  • Ensuring students meet attendance expectations

Student Expectations for Success:  

  •  You will be using Google Classroom or another prescribed Learning Management System for all of your courses.   

  • Video links of teacher direct instruction, slide decks,, written assignments, online quizzes, reading, or other work to be completed and submitted daily. 

  • Weekly check-ins with content teachers.

  •  For some activities students may be asked to record themselves -- for language activities, talking through math problems, reading for fluency and comprehension, doing physical activity, music lessons, art projects, etc.

  • Please reach out to your teachers, counselors, principals/assistant principals should you need extra support with your academics, work load or need to connect with an adult.  Support information is below.

  • Resources will be provided to assist parents with Google Classroom. 

Student Support Services

Tech Support 

  • If an Arkansas High School student has a school issued device and needs repair or technical service,  please email for assistance. 

  • If a North Heights Junior High School student has a school issued device and needs repair or technical service,  please email for assistance.

  • If you need login information or a password reset, please email for AHS and for NHJH.

Academic Concerns

  • If you have academic questions about specific content, you are directed to reach out to your classroom teacher through email or in weekly scheduled virtual sessions.   You can expect a response within two school days.

  • Parents may also contact teachers through email.

Additional Support is Available from:  

Arkansas High School:

North Heights Junior High School