Required Immunizations

Reference Policy 4.2


Arkansas law requires immunization for all students enrolled in public schools. Every student must have all vaccines, be in the process of receiving needed doses, show proof of immunity, or applied for an exemption for those vaccines he/she has not received in order to continue attendance in school.

  • Polio: All students entering Kindergarten through Grade 12 need to have completed a series of at least 3 doses of polio vaccine. The new requirement is that one of the doses must be given on or after the child’s fourth birthday and there must be a minimum of 6 months between the second and third dose. Students who receive 4 doses of the polio vaccine with one dose on or after their fourth birthday and a minimum interval of 6 months between the third and fourth doses will meet the requirement.
  • DTaP: Students entering Grades 1 through 12 must have had 4 doses of tetanus, diphtheria, and accelular pertussis (DTaP) vaccine (or 3 doses if none were given before age 7 years).
  • Tdap: One dose of tetanus, diphtheria, and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine will be required for children who will turn age 11 years or older on or before September 1 of each school year.
  • MCV4: Students entering Grade 7 need 1 dose of the meningococcal (MCV4) vaccine regardless of age. There is also an additional requirement for students turning age 16 years on or before September 1. At age 16, regardless of grade, if a student has had 1 dose of MCV4, a second dose is required if it has been 8 weeks since the first dose. If no previous dose was received and if student will be 16 by September 1, the student needs 1 dose and no second dose is required.
      • This requirement only applies to those students who are age 16 years as of September 1. If a student turns 16 on September 2, the requirement does not apply. If a student turns 16 on August 31 and has no prior dose, the requirement applies and the student has until October 1 to comply.

      • Any student turning 16 after September 1 will not be required to have MCV4 until the next school year.

      • Students age 17 years and older have no MCV4 requirement for school attendance. However, this vaccination is recommended by the ACIP.

  • Rubella: Vaccine required – one dose after the first birthday.
  • Measles: Vaccine required – two doses after the first birthday.
  • Mumps: Vaccine required – one dose after the first birthday.
  • Hepatitis A: For Kindergarten and Grade 1: Students need 1 dose of Hepatitis A vaccine that should have been given on or after their first birthday.
  • Hepatitis B: Vaccine required – three doses before completing school year for all kindergarten, 7th grade, and transfer students. The alternative 2-doses scheduled may be used for students 11-15 years of age.
  • Varicella: Students entering Grades 1 through 12 need to have had 2 doses of varicella vaccine. History of disease is considered compliant with this requirement but only as reported by a medical professional. Parental History of disease is not accepted.


State law mandates that students who transfer from another school either within the state or from out-of-state show proof of immunization.  If not up-to-date, students have 30 days to become compliant. The only proof of immunization to be accepted will be a certificate by a licensed physician, the health department, or a military physician.  Dates of vaccine administration must be provided. Terms such as up-to-date, complete, and adequate are not acceptable.