Program Options

Grades K-2

ADE Gifted Standard 8 for Whole Group Enrichment :

 Whole Group Enrichment: An approved teacher of the gifted works with the classroom teacher to design enrichment curriculum for the whole class. This option is considered long-term identification and therefore a portfolio should be maintained to document student(s) actions/responses. The delivery of services to students must be at least 30 minutes a week. The approved teacher of the gifted and the classroom teacher may organize teaching responsibilities as needed. This option may be used in conjunction with other options to serve identified students. However, if this is the only option for serving students, it may not be used beyond grade three. The following provisions must be in place for this administrative arrangement to be used: (ELEMENTARY K-2/3).

How we do it:

All students Kindergarten through second grade have weekly 30 minute GT enrichment lessons. A GT teacher instructs a lesson once a month and regular classroom teacher instruct the rest of the month. The regular classroom teachers provide documentation to the GT Coordinator. 


Grades 3-6

ADE Gifted Standard 8 for Pull-Out (Resource): 

A. Resource room: Gifted students participate in classes in which they receive instructional services different from those normally provided in the regular classroom. They have the opportunity to work at the level of their abilities and in their area of interest or talent. Instruction is delivered by approved teachers of the gifted. An instructional space proportionately sized based on the number of identified gifted students served at any one time must be provided. (ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY) Recommended class size is 10-12.

How we do it:

3rd and 4th grade- meet at Union Elementary

5th and 6th grade meet at College Hill Middle School

* Each student meets with GT teacher for 150 minutes per week. 


Grades 9-12: 

ADE Gifted Standard 8 Special Classes 

  •  Honors and advanced classes: Students of high ability, though not necessarily identified as gifted, are placed in a class in which the curriculum focuses on higher levels of thinking and complexity therefore avoiding “more of the same.” (SECONDARY). Class size should be consistent with state standards.
  • Pre-Advanced Placement: Middle school, junior high school, or high school level courses that specifically prepare students to enroll and to participate in an Advanced Placement course (ELEMENTARY/SECONDARY). Class size should be consistent with state standards. 
  • College Board Advanced Placement: Students have the opportunity to pursue college-level studies while still in secondary school through a high school preparatory course for a College Board Advanced Placement test that incorporates all topics specified by the College Board and Educational Testing Service on its standard syllabus for a given subject area and is approved by the College Board Agency # 005.15 ADE 080-24 and Educational Testing Service. Students may earn weighted credit under conditions specified in the AP/IB Rules (SECONDARY). Recommended class size is 17-20.