Helpful Tips

Password Requirements for the network

  • At least 8 characters
  • At least one uppercase letter
  • At least one lowercase letter
  • At least one number OR special character
  • Cannot contain any part of your name

To update or change your password:


Instructions to access district e-mail on a handheld device:

Android Instructions

iOS (Apple) Instructions

Outlook desktop setup


Help with Bloomboard:

Articles and videos about participating in all aspects of the observations process on BloomBoard

Instructions for Arkansas SSO Password Reset:

Arkansas SSO Instructions (Password must be at least 10 alphanumeric characters with NO special characters

 Instructions for TAC

TAC Teacher Guide

eSchool VPN setup for access from home

Instructions for Teacher Web Pages

Teacher Web Update Guide

Teacher Website Requirements

User Manual for PaperCut

Papercut User Guide

Promethean pen and cursor do not line up correctly:

  • Calibrate the board
  • Hold the pen so that it hovers just in front of the flame in the top left-hand corner of the board until the calibration screen appears.
  • Touch the pen to the board to begin calibration
  • Touch the nib of the pen into the center of the x's as they appear.

Promethean pen not working:

  • Look in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen and see if there is a white icon with a red x.
  • If so, there is a problem between the board and the PC.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the PC and plug it in firmly.
  • Unplug the USB cable from the back of the board and plug it in firmly.
  • If not, the ActivDriver is not running or not installed - create a work order

Promethean speakers not working:

  • Make sure that the audio cable plugged into the computer is in the green jack.
  • Check the Promethean speaker amplifier be make sure it is turned on
  • Verify that the volume control for the computer input is turned up