AHS (9th-12th grade)

Advanced Placement Courses offered :
Art History
Calculus AB
Calculus BC
Computer Science A
Computer Science Principles
English Language & Composition
English Literature & Composition
Environmental Science
European History
Human Geography
Music Theory
Physics 1
Physics 2
Spanish Language
Studio Art 2D
Studio Art 3D
Studio Art Drawing
US Government & Politics
US History
World History

Pre- Advanced Placement Courses offered at AHS:
PAP Biology
PAP Geometry
PAP Algebra 2
PAP Chemistry
PAP Physical Science
PAP English 9
PAP English 10
PAP Civics/Economics 

Concurrent Credit courses:
College Principles of Speech
Aviation Tech 1
Aviation Tech 2
Aviation Tech 3
Power Plant 1
Power Plant 2
Culinary Arts 1
Culinary Arts 2
College Life Skills
College Art Appreciation

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