Distinguished Alumni

The Texarkana Arkansas School District is accepting nominations for Distinguished Alumni for the 2018-2019 school year. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, March 1, 2019. Nominees must be recognized for outstanding contribution in business, professional, or vocational endeavors. They must be of high moral character and integrity, and recognize and support public education. Finally, nominees must be graduates or former students of Arkansas High School or Washington High School and/or North Heights High School.
Nomination forms are available below
 or at the TASD Administration office at 3435 Jefferson Avenue, Texarkana, Arkansas.

Distinguished Alumni Nomination form 18-19.pdf

Texarkana Arkansas School District Alumni Recipients

1984-85 Dr. Marcus Wayne Orr 2000-01 Lydia G. McAlister
1985-86 Mott Mosley Eva M. McGee
Dr. Charles Oxford 2001-02 Lt. Col. Lee C. (Wade) 
1986-87 Brigadier General  Gamble, Ret.
Richard E. Hearn Lt. Col. Delois Gamble
1987-88 Dr. Betty Walker Morris 2002-03  Dr. Carl “Cheesie” Nelson
1988-89 Jack Allen David Pope
1989-90 Arthur Temple Lewis Thompson
Josephine Beck 2003-04 Judge Susan Webber Wright
1990-91 Willie Davis 2004-05 Mark Wilson
1991-92 Dr. Lurry Leavelle 2005-06 Ermer Pondexter
1992-93 Mike Cherry Dr. Jerry Shipp
Roy J. “Doc” Walker, Jr. 2006-07 David Haak
1993-94 Dr. George Poulos 2007-08 Mayor Horace Shipp
Dr. Earnest Poulos 2008-09 Ed Arnold
1994-95 T. L. “Thom” Holmes 2009-10 Dr. Teretha Harper
1995-96 Dr. Linda C. Cork 2010-11  Bill Lavender
1996-97 Nathan Jones, Sr. 2011-12  LeAnne  Wright
I. Donald Nelson 2012-13  Steve Douglas
1997-98 Bob J. Nash 2013-14  Judge Joe Griffin
1998-99 J. W. Evers 2014-15 Judge Carlton Jones
Alex Sanderson, Jr. 2015-16  Roderick 'Rod' Smith
1999-00 Dr. Emmet Cox II 2016-17  Senator Jimmy Hickey, Jr. 
Hayes McClerkin 2017-18  Remica Gray