Gifted & Talented

Arkansas Definition of Giftedness:

Gifted and talented children and youth are those of high potential or ability whose learning characteristics and educational needs require qualitatively differentiated educational experiences and/or services.

Possession of these talents and gifts, or the potential for their development, will be evidenced through an interaction of above average intellectual ability, task commitment and /or motivation, and creative ability."


Our Philosophy

The program for TASD gifted learners is committed to the intellectual and creative development of students to their fullest potential. It is recognized that gifted learners need a learning environment which will provide them continuous opportunities to discover, to develop and to expand their perceptual, cognitive, and creative skills in a variety of areas at all academic levels. To achieve this, the curriculum is designed with an emphasis on awakening and fostering creativity, and providing divergent thinking opportunities through creative problem solving, demonstration of leadership skills, increased awareness of current happenings, and development of creative thinking skills. 


Our Goals

  • To present alternative curricular and programmatic strategies to integrate the gifted learner's learning experiences and environment into a comprehensive educational program.
  • To explore ways to establish a positive relationship, bridging the Program for gifted learners and the existing regular classroom program.
  • To provide an opportunity for gifted students to maximize their potential, to utilize their unique abilities in program options tailored not only to their needs, but interest areas as well and to enable the gifted learners to be creators and producers of ideas and solutions rather than just consumers of knowledge. 


Program Expectations


  1. GT students are expected to attend ALL assigned GT class meetings. The parent(s) and/or teacher must notify the GT teacher if a student will be absent. Unexcused absences are not allowed.
  2. Upon returning to class from GT, it is the student's responsibility to check with teachers about missed assignments.
  3. Discipline issues are handled in GT classes according to district policy per handbook.
  4. If at any time temporary removal is requested, a conference will be held with all concerned parties and appropriate action will be determined.
  5. GT students' progress will periodically be evaluated to determine if placement in the GT Program remains appropriate.
  6. A rigorous course of study must be pursued by identified GT students in grades 6-12. 

Important Documents/Links- (click on the links) 

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