iPad/iOS Resources

1st Grade Splash Math

Fun and innovative way to practice math

2nd Grade Splash Math

Fun and innovative way to practice math

3D Brain

Discover how each brain region functions

Abby's Alphabet Laptop

The Alphabet, uppercase & lowercase

ABC Alphabet Musical Instrument

Alphabet Musical Instrument Flash Cards 

A-Z Music Videos

A to Z Music Videos from ABCmouse.com

Ace Writer

200+ Dolch sight words the fun and easy way 

Adobe Inspire

Free magazine to inspire creativity

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photo editor 


Display iPad/iPhone devices on your computer

Animation Studio

Create Animation 


Draw, Paint, and Edit Photos 

Atomic Web Browser

Download Manager & Dropbox 


A new way to see and interact with the world

Barcode Reader

Scans barcodes 


Amazing 3D Block Building Fun! 


Digital Storage 

Brush of Truth

Interactive book app for reluctant readers 

Civil War Today

Civil war as it unfolded, one day at a time 

Color Splash

Converts photos to black and white

Comic Touch Lite

Create comics from photos 

Common Core Standards

View the Common Core State Standards

Converstion Builder

Multi-exchange conversations with their peers


360 degree photos for iPhone 5


Dictionary & Thesaurus 

Dinosaurs (DINE-UH-SOARS)

Learn about dinosaurs 

Discovery Channel

All about the Discovery Channel

Doodle Buddy

Paint, Draw, Scribble and Sketch 

Dragon Dictation

easily speak and see your text or email messages 

Drop Box

Digital Storage

Dyslexia Quest

Games to address learning disabilities & dyslexia 

Easel Algebra I Lite

Algebra I Tutorial 

Easel SAT Prep Lite

SAT Preparation


send notes, messages and upcoming events 

Elevate – Brain Training

Improve focus and speaking skills


Periodic Table 

Era of Dino HD Lite

Learn about Dinosaurs 


Store Notes, Ideas, Snapshots and Recordings 


Enhance conceptual understanding in Science and Math 

Fish School HD

Learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors 

Free Graphing Calculator

A powerful, flexible graphing calculator . . . and it's free!

Frog Dissection

Virtually dissect a frog 


Create educational games for students 

GamePress –Create, Share, Play

Game creation app to make the games from imagination


Pdf reader for iPad 

Google Earth

Satellite Images and location search 

Google Mobile App

Google for iPad 

GoSkyWatch Planetarium

Locate stars, planets, and constellations

Grade It!

Calculate percentages for any assessment 

Grammar Express: Parts of Speech Lite

Parts of Speech Tutorial 

Grammar Express: Tenses

Grammar tenses tutorial 


Download and Read e-books 


Tool for teachers to document observed tasks and track data

iLive Grammar Botany

Grammar lessons with a botany theme 

iLiveMath Trains

Math word problems with a train theme 


Engaging interactive learning experiences


Fast photo sharing


Save web pages for later offline reading 


Stop motion & Time Lapse for iPad

iThoughts HD

Mind mapping tool 


Free Translator 


Online Meeting App 

Jungle Coins

Learn to count coins 

Keynote Remote

Remotely control a presentation 

Kids Learn Sight Words

Building blocks needed to learn to read 

Math Bingo

Math Game for Basic Math


Integer practice app 

Mestudying: Algebra I

Algebra practice 

MiniMod Reading for Details

Build mastery reading comprehension

MiniMod Reading for Inferences

Build mastery in inferential thinking. 

Mover +

Move files from iOS device to another iOS device (no longer supported)

My Homework

Student Planner


Explore the universe 


Interactive mobile presentations

Note Shelf

Hand write notes& store them on a virtual shelf 

Numbler – Math Game

Build math equations in crossword style board

Odd 1 Out

Find unrelated word in a list of related words 

OverDrive Media Console

Download e-books and audio books 


Add beautiful typography to Instagram photos


Create, edit, and view documents

Paint Sparkles Draw

First steps in the world of color 


Tap a word to create an audio bookmark

PBS for iPad

PBS app 


Handwriting App 

Phone for Kids

iPhone/iPad made child safe


Flash player for iPad

Pick Me!

Randomly pull a student's name and record if correct or not 


Capture your ideas & collaborate with others


Communication for those with difficulty speaking 

QuickOffice Connect Mobile Suite

Office Suite App 


Feature rich, powerful video editor


Wirelessly mirror your iOS device to any Mac or PC

Remind 101

Safely message students and parents.

Rocket Math

Math practice with a rocket theme 

Scribble Press

Create an e-book 

See. Touch. Learn.

Learning system designed for Autism

Sentence Builder

Practice building sentences 


Interactive Whiteboard App 

Simple Physics

Basics of physics 


Video call and instant message app 

SkyView Free

Explore the Universe

Smarty Britches: Nouns

Travel to the deep South and discover Nouns!


Student and teacher "clicker" app 

Solar Walk

3D Solar System Model - navigate through space

Spell Board Buddy

Spelling Practice 

Spell Board

Spelling practice 

Splashtop Remote Desktop

Use your computer anywhere 

Stack the Countries

Learn countries and locations 

Stack the States

Interactive game to help identify states

Star Walk

Interactive Astronomy Guide 


Paragraph formation, ideas, and inference 


Create an electronic Story Book 

Strip Designer

Comic strip creator 

Super Why!

Power to Read with SUPER WHY games 

TeachMe: Kindergarten

K app for Math, Spelling and Sight Words 


Riveting Talks by Remarkable People

Teleprompt +

Teleprompter App

Telling Time HD

Great way to learn to tell time! 

The Elements: A Visual Exploration

Building blocks of universe

Treasure Kai and the Seven Cities of Gold

Read-play game to find the Seven Cities of Gold

US Citizenship 2013

Practice for the US Citizenship Exam 

Vernier Video Physics

Physics video analysis 


co-create, sync and edit multiple views of a shared moment

Wheels on the Bus HD

Illustrated Wheels on the Bus song 

Whiteboard HD

Virtual Whiteboard 

Wikihood Plus for iPad

Wiki App 

WiPad Pro

View your iPad on a TV or projector

Wolfram Algebra Course Asistant

Algebra tutorial 

Wolfram Alpha

Math search engine and computation 

Word Wall

Develop early reading skills with Word Wall 

World War 2 1939-1945

Locations, relevant facts and events from WWII

Write Pad

Text Editing Software 

Young Reader- eBook Reader with Speed

QuickReader eBook Reader with Speed Reading