District Vision


The vision is to be a school district where educators inspire, leaders are developed, and potential is realized.


The mission of the Texarkana Arkansas School District is to empower all students to realize their full potential. 

Core Beliefs

We believe high expectations, challenging curriculum, data-driven decisions, and clear and positive communication are standards of conduct. We believe all students belong to all of us and should be engaged through active learning in a safe environment where instructional time is protected.

Long-Term Goals

The Texarkana Arkansas School District is a community rich in talent and strength, all working together to enhance the lives of TASD students. 

Created with the input from district administrators, staff, and parents, the strategic plan is our roadmap to ensure TASD reaches these four very important goals:

1.Increase student achievement.
2. Hire and increase the retention of highly effective staff.
3. Increase family engagement and understanding of district initiatives and resources.
4. Ensure that our schools are trusted as a safe place for our students, staff, and community.